Top 10 Pointers For An Easier Move

March 14th, 2017

Moving can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. Getting yourself and your family organized will take the stress out of the day and allow you to focus on the fun stuff - like the fact that you're moving into a great new home!

1. The secret? Be organized. Start early and work steadily.
2. Give yourself a "time cushion."
3. Create a timetable and Master “to do” checklist!
4. Purge! Get rid of things you no longer want or need.
5. Pack Like Items Together and Label Boxes on All Sides
6. Decide what, if anything, you plan to move yourself or must-haves during the move, should probably stay with you
7. Use the right box for the right item and don’t pack loosely. Heavy items in small boxes.
8. Do not over pack boxes — boxes that are packed comfortably will be less likely to break. Wrap each fragile item separately and pad the bottom and sides of boxes.
9. Keep your moving documents together, including phone numbers, the driver’s name, and van number.
10. Inspect each box and all furniture for damage as soon as it arrives.