I extensively use a Professional Virtual Viewing Company for almost all of my photography needs. This company shoots its pictures in HDR which stands for High Dynamic Range and is a post-processing technique for combining multiple exposures, with 3rd party software, to create images with a wider range of tonal detail. The resulting HDR image is one with more captured detail in both the shadows and highlights.

Professionally shot listings sell for faster and for more money vs listings with amateur photographs.


A Matterport™ 3D tour provides a walkthrough of a listing but provides a fully immersive experience where you control where you want to go. We provide viewers with an immersive experience of listings, creating a much more realistic environment that home shoppers can engage with online. The final product is a dimensionally accurate, high-definition model of the listing that can be navigated with the click of a mouse or cursor key. New in 2016 is something called “Mattertags”. This option will enable us to label any object in the threedimensional space allowing us to include a photo and description to highlight a special feature or particular upgrade. Because Mattertags will be attached to objects in the 3D mesh, these object will appear labelled from any vantage point.

Adding a Matterport tour has shown people to spend up to 88% more time viewing your listing.


More important than ever is the listing of your home on the local MLS internet system. The local Realtor’s Association of Hamilton/Burlington has been amalgamated with a multitude of connecting boards to expand the reach of each realtor in the region to have instant access to listings over a huge geographical area. From Niagara all the way to Kitchener back east through Guelph, to North Milton and all the way South through Milton and into Oakville your local Realtor has never had so much information available to fast track to their clients. So having your listing fully ready to pop on this system is key to attracting immediate attention and interest in your listing. Each board web broadcasts your listing to numerous offshoot internet sights so that you are getting maximum exposure by hosting on one system like never before.



A prominent ‘For Sale’ sign placed in a conspicuous location on your front lawn is a great way to generate interest in your property. Statistics show 21% of Buyers hear about a home ‘For Sale’ from the yard sign and word of mouth generated from that sign. My sign prominently directs people directly to my web site for them to view the virtual tour for your property right there in front of the home further qualifying the home in the Buyers minds. From there they can either call or email me directly or call their agent to book a showing for the home if we have fully captivated their interest through the Media and Information sections of your Virtual Tour. Directional signs guide people from area side streets to your front door.



A typical listing will warrant a full colour brochure featuring key pictures of the home and again directing the people to view the virtual tour for more information about the facts and features of your home. This is a tangible keepsake that interested parties can take from the home to refer back to once they are back home and are thinking more seriously about your home



I believe Open Houses are a great idea to hold for a house ‘For Sale’. I don’t believe in putting any restrictions on my market exposure for a listed property. Common sense says it is smart to expose your home to the largest number of buyers as possible and getting buyers and other agents walking through your home at an open house is a great way to get people talking about your home. It also allows me to answer any questions and further qualify the home for prospective buyers and whom better to sell your house than the guy who knows almost as much about the home as you do. Open Houses do sell houses!



Negotiating is a skillset that is difficult to Master which is why a skilled agent can handle this for you to ensure that the deal is made for the highest possible price with the ideal term and conditions. In most market situations the starting offer will be lower than your asking price. Don’t be concerned or offended but realize this is a starting point to the negotiation process. The positive is you have an interested Buyer and they have started negotiating with a proposed price. Let the negotiating begin!! Once you find an agreed upon price and the Buyer has fulfilled their conditions the deal is done!

Congratulations – You Have SOLD Your HOME!